Saima Naseem, Green Blogger
Our environment provide us life and fulfill our all basic needs but In return we degrade our environment if these activities going on in the same manner we would loss our planet so environmental conservation is important for us and our future generation but the care of environment should not just for the sake of our mean but for that because environment has an ethical value. Conserve and reuse is an easiest concept that may help to save the environment. By bringing small changes in daily routine everyone can play his part to save the environment. Here are some important but not least and very unexpected ways to help the environment, by lessening energy and water consumption rate, natural resource conservation, by shifting food and conveyance practices and by using 3R concept (reduce, reuse and recycling). Participating in social actions is another way to educate people about the importance of environment and pursue them move towards environmentally conscious lifestyle.
  • Saving electric power and energy
Energy can safe by using some small steps switch off the electrical appliances when they are not in use, to block the flow unplug the electrical devices, shift towards fluorescent light bulbs because LED bulbs save 25-85% energy as compare to other bulbs and it is environmental friendly, in day time use window light as compare to light bulbs. Prefer the use of green energy sources (renewable) then non renewable energy sources such as solar panels.
  • Conserve water
Making small changes in our daily routine we can conserve water such as taking short shower, turn off tap when you are brushing your teeth , reuse water such as grey water for gardening and car washing, more relay on nature’s water such as rainwater capturing and use it for lawn. Use washing machines and dish washers when there is full load to safe waste.
  • 3R Concept (reduce, reuse and recycle)
Be an attentive consumer to reduce extra waste don’t by what you don’t need, avoid more packaging material, focus on durability of the products buy lifetime products, use cloth bags for shopping rather than the plastic bags. Reduce trash to landfill by using reusable materials, reduce the use of plastic bottles by replacing them with reusable bottles, use regular cups and plates instead of disposable plates and cups, use rechargeable batteries not disposable, print on double sided. Put useless materials into use for example as decorative materials. To reduce the amount of waste recycling is another option, prefer recycled material such as paper product made up of 80-100% recycled paper.
  • Shifting food and transportation habits
Reduce dependency on meat and dairy products to help the environment. Don’t waste food if the food overrun share it with others or store for next days. Start composting from food material rather than its wastage and use it for your plants. More walk and use bicycle if your destination near to home. Use public transport than private to reduce the number of vehicle and pollution. Use electric vehicles.
  • Engaging in Activism
Participation in social work is a best way to help the environment. Join an environmental organization, educate the people about green living, and actively participate in plantation scheme. Stop littering on roads and also prevent others to doing this to control solid waste. Help the environment with donation of money and useable products.
We only have one planet and its protection is our responsibility. The protection of planet is possible if we understand the value of nature, what it provides to us and respect it in deep manners. By altering our modern way of living we can help to save the environment. Environmental conservationists understand that the way we live is a reflection of how we feel about the natural world, and our everyday habits show how much we truly value all the things that the earth gives us. To protect the environment it is necessary to change our life style and moves towards green lifestyle.
About the Author: Saima Naseem Kanwal, student of Environmental sciences ar GCWUS. She finds her interest in blog writing and literature review.