Ms. Iqra Ateeq, Green Blogger, Department of Environmental Science, GCWUS
Things are getting worse day by day. Global warming is increasing, Air, Noise and water pollution increases, there is no proper waste management, industrial waste is becoming more dangerous, species are disappearing from earth. In fact, there is a hell difference between the day life started on earth and the present day. If we compare the present scenario with past, we will find that Human behavior destroys everything. Life has changed. Now Advance problems need advance solutions.
I am worried about global warming, species extinction, deforestation and other forms of threat that man is posing to environment leading to degradation. All this worry is not because I’m a great lover of nature but as I am lover of human race. The more we exploit and degrade our environment, the more ecological imbalance we create; ultimately putting the human’s race at risk -after all world runs with competition, corporation and co-existence.
Every specie is dependent on other specie for survival, be directly or indirectly. Humans are the one who depend on maximum numbers of species for not only his survival but also for his development needs. Threats to ecology means a direct threat to humans due to man induced natural disaster caused by ecological imbalance and environmental degradation for which we can’t forgive ourselves.
To protect our environment, we should start it from our selves. Every little measure you will take could make a great change. Environmental Conservationis important because, when we protect the environment, we are not protecting some distinct, distant entity but ourselves. Right to Life and Right against exploitation are fundamental Rights to all organisms dwelling on Earth. We (all organism, including us) have the right to demand protection when threatened by any other organism or by any ecological disorder.
If a terrorist threatens to disrupt social order, demand protection. If a virus threatens to infect you, demands protection. This right also come with an inherent duty to protect other organisms, that we know are being exploited. If a militant extremist tries to kill a human friend, demand protection, if a multinational corporation tries to raze down a forest, it demands protection.
If you have understood this simple principle, then you have understood the importance of Environmental Conservation.
We are environment. We can’t be for or against it. That’s just downright lunacy is part of it. It’s not important its necessary now, if we will not protect, we will get finished. Being a selfish human think about your economy as well as environment.
Iqra Ateeq
Environmental Science, GCWUS
The Earth Needs Love.