Ms. Aimen Izhar, Green Blogger, Environmental sciences GCWUS
Animal waste or animal manure used as an organic manure or fertilizer to soil for enhancement of soil fertility level. Animal manure rich with phosphorus and other essential nutrients which are very helpful in boosting up of soil fertility level. Animal manure also being used worldwide in organic vegetable garden.
Animal manure is a great source of biogas, one of the valuable form of renewable energy. The proper management is required for biogas generation from animal waste. In the past animal waste used as traditional medicines and for remedies. Also used in paper product, tradional people were mainly used elephants dung because elephants only digest 45% of food which is rich with fiber. Thai elephant conservation center in Lamping northern Thailand has developed a method to convert elephant dung to paper products. Proper management is required for animal waste collection and then its usage because if not carefully handled it produces the unpleasant odor which have major concern about public health.
According to recent survey, it revealed that China produce 30% of animal waste and reuse it for soil fertility and organic garden. About 16 MMT Year animal waste being produced worldwide. Animal waste have lot of benefits if it carefully managed and recycle it for many purposes.
What’s your opinion about whether we should use animal waste or not?